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David Icke is an English writer and former politician, presenter and footballer. Icke became a well-known name thanks to a stint as a goalkeeper for Hereford, his position in the Green Party in the s and his appearances as a BBC Sports presenter. He performs in London in – check the dates and links below to find tickets! Upcoming David Icke Events. Oops, David Icke doesn’t currently have any events scheduled. No David Icke tour dates, events or tickets listed at the current time. If you’d like to be kept informed, please set a tour alert or register for our FREE weekly tour newsletter.

David Icke – The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy Our Economy

The Ohio State University. David Icke has been an icon of conspiratorial movements since he first declared himself the son of God in the early s. His laying out of the foundations of the idea of a New World Order is what has maintained his popularity.

On 7. April , YouTube removed a London Real interview between Brian Rose and David Icke in which. David Icke made unsubstantiated.

Icke, a former sports commentator, is a vocal backer of the conspiracy theory that 5G technology spreads coronavirus , which has prompted a wave of attacks on engineers and masts. Research by Ofcom shows that 5G conspiracy theories are the most common piece of misinformation that members of the British public encounter online. Icke, whose other claims include that the world is run by reptiles and the royal family are lizards, has linked coronavirus to 5G, blamed Jewish cults, and claimed it cannot be transmitted through physical contact and that people with health immune systems are safe.

The misinformation, which could cause people to ignore medical advice, has been viewed at least 30 million times according to analysis by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate CCDH. One video, in which Icke claims the Jewish Rothschild family helped plan the coronavirus outbreak, is the 27th most viewed video about the virus on YouTube. Polling previously commissioned by Hope Not Hate found that 51 per cent of British people had heard of Icke , and one in eight had read or watched his claims in the past six months.

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Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden blasts David Icke’s ‘lunatic conspiracy theories’

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But give that man a Web site template, or let him produce some slick videos on YouTube and, lo and behold, he may have thousands of people across the world supporting him. Such is the story of several extraordinarily popular conspiracy theorists and theories online today. Take the victims of gang stalking — a subculture of people who think their friends and neighbors are all secret government spies ready to turn them over to the authorities. The movement has recently spawned gang stalking support groups, forums and advice Web sites.

Icke was laughed out of the public eye in the early ’90s when he started wearing only turquoise and explaining that voices had sent him on an important mission to save the earth. Decades later, Icke has written books, has fans in 47 countries and can gather a crowd of 2, people in a city simply by posting a date for a lecture on his Web site. The cornerstone of Icke’s theories is that a malicious race of lizard people — the “shadowy elite” — rules the world and all its political leaders primarily by controlling the media and orchestrating fear-mongering catastrophes, such as Sept.

The Internet has been absolutely essential. The Internet has always been a forum for fringe ideas, but success like Icke’s, and subcultures built on paranoid theories like gang stalkers, points to an understudied corner in psychiatry: Who are the people who believe such theories in the quiet of their homes, and what does such behavior mean for a person teetering on the edge of mental illness? MacDonald cautioned that not everyone who believes in a conspiracy plot is mentally ill. They just may be suggestible or just suspicious of authority.

For the healthy in mind, MacDonald said, “it’s a wild card about whether this is going to improve people’s state or not.

Why has David Icke been banned from YouTube?

Alien reptilian invasions, blood-sucking, pedophilic Illuminati agents acting as totalitarian world leaders, trans-dimensional alien-humans interbreeding to support a program of cosmic imperialism on an unimaginable scale–no, this is not an X-Files episode, neither is it an undiscovered Philip K. Dick or H. Lovecraft novel, nor is it the latest Hollywood science fiction spectacle.

also. ROSE / ICKE III – THE LIVESTREAM: MAY 3, ​fighting-for-freedom. This is the largest livestream, human funded.

But now these otherwise-entertaining ideas are causing real damage as people take them seriously and they start cropping up in worrying protests that exacerbate the coronavirus crisis and will lead to more deaths. YouTube axed Icke’s account after repeatedly warning him that he had violated its policies by posting misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic. He had over , subscribers and his videos regularly got over , views.

His 5G theory has been viewed over 30 million times across social media, including Facebook, from which he is also now banned. However, the firm will still allow videos posted by others that feature Mr Icke to remain live, so long as their content does not break its rules. He was a footballer in his early days, but only played as a goalkeeper for Hereford United, before having to retire at the age of 21 due to suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that often left him in agony. Icke was also a Green Party member, while focusing on other ventures from the 90s onwards, amassing over 20 books, numerous DVDs and has lectured in more than 25 countries.

In his personal life, the Leicester native was married to Linda Atherton for 30 years, before their divorce in – only to marry Pamela Richards the same year, before they separated in He has four children in total, three of which were from his first marriage, having had a daughter with psychic Deborah Shaw while together with Linda. Icke is believed to be a major driver behind the 5G conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds and causing problems for emergency workers.

He said: “If 5G continues and reaches where they want to take it, human life as we know it is over

Coronavirus conspiracies see David Icke booted off Facebook

Icke appeared on the channel at 10 p. Wednesday and shared his views on the coronavirus and potential vaccines in the future which he said would be mandatory. It is simply illusory to ramble. It is so irresponsible to spread work on conspiracy theory at a time like this. London Live aired a program including an interview with David Icke.

In less than a year, Icke had undergone the most remarkable public transformation from sports presenter to self-proclaimed prophet. “I couldn’t.

According to the report, the year-old Icke, a bestselling author who believes that an alien race of humanoid reptiles secretly controls the world, has promoted a number of false claims about the coronavirus, including a charge that Jews are responsible for the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Icke has used your platforms to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and medical misinformation to his audience of millions of followers and subscribers. The potentially harmful claims he has made include denying the existence of Covid; linking the current crisis to 5G mobile technology; suggesting that Jewish cultists are behind the crisis; that viruses cannot be transmitted through direct physical contact or intermediary objects; and that people with healthy immune systems are safe from contracting the virus.

Videos of Icke making these claims have been viewed at least 30 million times. About Us. Open Letter to Facebook. The New Anti-Semites Report. Antisemitic Incidents. Policy News.

UK’s London Live Faces Sanctions After Airing Long Interview With Coronavirus Denier David Icke

By Jake Kanter. It has now received 41 complaints about the show. We are now investigating it as a matter of urgency. During the exchange, a largely unchallenged Icke made baseless claims about the pandemic being part of a year plot by technocrats to destroy the global economy and impose mass surveillance on society. That station is regulated by Ofcom and I would be expecting Ofcom to take appropriate action.

It warned British broadcasters last week that they will face sanctions, up to and including fines, if they spread misinformation about coronavirus.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has called on broadcast regulator Ofcom to investigate the London Live broadcast of conspiracy theorist.

The regulator received 48 complaints about the minute programme, in which Icke made a raft of unsubstantiated claims, including that official health advice was designed to further the ambitions of a clandestine cult that controlled the world. The watchdog said Icke had a right to hold and express his views, while the broadcaster was entitled to air material that diverged from or challenged official public health information.

However, it said the claims went largely unchallenged throughout the interview and were presented without any supporting evidence, risking significant harm to viewers who may have been particularly vulnerable as a result of the pandemic. As a result, London Live failed in its responsibility to ensure viewers were adequately protected, it said.

The watchdog is considering whether to impose any further sanction. The government, health officials and the mobile industry have all warned that the arson attacks were putting lives at risk. Ofcom said it had taken into consideration an on-air rebuttal by This Morning consumer editor Alice Beer and a statement broadcast by Holmes the following day. As a result, the watchdog has issued guidance to ITV and its presenters on ensuring discussions about unproven claims and theories are presented with enough context.

What’s Behind Internet Conspiracy Empires?

In , while spokesman for the Green Party , he visited a psychic who he said told him he had been placed on earth for a purpose and would begin to receive messages from the spirit world. Icke believes that the universe is made up of “vibrational” energy and consists of an infinite number of dimensions that share the same space. Thus, the Archons can feed off the “negative energy” this creates. He claims many prominent public figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood and are propelling humanity toward an Orwellian global fascist state, or New World Order , a post-truth era where freedom of speech is ended.

Critics have accused Icke of being antisemitic and a Holocaust denier with his theories about reptilians serving as a deliberate “code”.

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Explore the mystery of the prophecy in a whole new light. This recording goes deeper than the vague predictions made by ancient prophets and seers; it explores how the earth is in the middle of a transformation that will change the way we live our lives forever. Understand how the changes we see around us are unfolding right now. Since time immemorial, there has been a very powerful and sinister force that has been paralyzing the human race.

Their means of control surround us in our daily lives. The agenda is one that thrives on the suffering and slow destruction of all things humanity considers sacred, and the number-one target for them is the human race.

‘The Blackness of Blackness’ – David Icke meets Mark Mace Smith