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Bats come in all shapes and sizes, widths and lengths , and with various modifications — all tailored to the type of hitter who swings it. Just as the sport of baseball itself has evolved over the past century, so has the equipment that its performers use. Particularly in the college ranks, baseball bats have seen drastic changes dating back to the mid — 20th century. Ithaca College baseball head coach George Valesente played for the Bombers as an undergrad from to During that era of college baseball, only wooden bats were swung by players , and only one brand of lumber was used: t he Louisville Slugger, founded in Specifically, Valesente used an M — manufactured in — an O16, made in ; an S2, made in ; and a K55, made in

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Oil Tempered a process used since the slugger appeared on dating barrel before history bats bats oval. Flame Tempered a process of history and hardening the wood with lower dating baseball bats. Admissions Request Information. Substance Abuse Policy. Baseball Bat History C ategory.

To get the correct date, you can take it to a professional who can help you to pin down the exact date of the vintage baseball bat. Also look for autographed.

Shopping online should be worry free. We believe in treating our customers the same way we would like to be treated. Original shipping charges you paid are non-refundable. Free return shipping is available for bats and gloves. New items in original packaging – returnable for full refund of item’s price within 30 days of original ship date. No restocking fees. Missing bat warranty stickers, holograms, serial number stickers – Your return will be declined or subject to a restocking fee if the sticker or hologram that came affixed to your bat is not returned, which is required for bat warranty purposes.

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C ategory. Spalding has used a number of center brands and logos for their baseball bats over the years. The Logo samples pictured below are dated to the years they appear in the Spalding catalogs. By matching the samples with the logo on your bat you could approximately date to that era. Variations in branding and model numbers could narrow down the years, and will be added to the description soon.

Dating baseball bats Net54baseball Vintage (WWII & Older) Baseball Cards & New Member Introductions.

On this page I will briefly outline some common information regarding labeling periods. I am sure that many know these labeling periods like the back of their hand. However, if you are not familiar with the different labeling periods please use this information as a guide. It is essential, once you have determined that a bat has all of the correct marking and characteristics to make it professional model bat, to determine when approximately the bat was produced.

A bat that was produced during a period after which a particular player has already retired would likely not have been used by the player during his career. Rather, it would likely be either a Pro Model bat or a coaches bat. Furthermore, a bats rarity and value is dependent on when it was made. Many collectors will pay a premium for bat that were used earlier in a players career or during a particularly significant period i.

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A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal club used in the sport of baseball to hit the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher. By regulation it may be no more than 2. Although historically bats approaching 3 pounds 1. A baseball bat is divided into several regions. The “barrel” is the thick part of the bat, where it is meant to hit the ball.

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The festivities will include a scrimmage followed by lunch, alumni batting practice, and induction ceremony. The event, which was originally scheduled for July 20, will begin with registration at noon and a shotgun start at 1 p. For more information on registration and sponsorships visit the ESU Foundation website here.

The event will be held following the Warriors’ scrimmage against Lehigh Carbon Community College at a. Lunch will be served following the scrimmage, while alumni will have the opportunity to take some swings in the batting cage before the start of the induction ceremony. A full list of previous inductees to the Bat Club is located at the bottom of the release. All Warriors baseball alumni and friends are invited to attend.

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With April 2 being the anniversary of Ichiro Suzuki’s major debut, Tim Kurkjian reflects on the significance of the event. You love baseball. Tim Kurkjian loves baseball. So while we await its return, every day we’ll provide you with a story or two tied to this date in baseball history.

These records date back decades and can be viewed for research purposes. Teams and players place orders that detail the bat’s weight, length, wood type and.

A Galveston man is accused of hitting another man in the face with a baseball bat during an argument on Broadway last week, according to the Galveston Police Department. Pete Benavidez Jr. At about p. During the argument, Benavidez poured hot chocolate on the man, and followed the couple outside when they left the restaurant, according to the complaint. Benavidez at some point armed himself with a metal baseball bat, according to the complaint. Police did not say where he got the bat.

Benavidez hit the man in the face with the baseball bat, according to the complaint. A police officer already was at the scene when Benavidez swung the bat and said he saw the man get hit in the head, according to the complaint. Benavidez was arrested at the scene. John Wayne Ferguson: ; john. Log In. Keep it Clean.

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Please support us by subscribing or making a contribution. A Vader man accused of assaulting two individuals said he hit a man over the head with a baseball bat because he was upset the man was dating his ex-girlfriend, according to court documents. Michael C. Thompson, 62, was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault-domestic violence and third-degree malicious mischief on July When the deputy arrived he spoke with a man being treated by emergency medical staff who stated he was laying on a blanket with his girlfriend in McMurphy Park when Thompson approached him and struck him in the head with a baseball bat.

Chandler Bats is committed to constructing the most finely engineered baseball bat in the world. In Chandler Bats was acquired by YC52, LLC with the.

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This heavy antique war bats features a deeply burned in logo and beautiful wood grain. Due to the fine detail in the logo, it is almost always imperfect. However, the logo on this bat is almost entirely perfect museum has a bats appearance. Of additional interest with this bat dating the history which the owner shared with me in a letter that goes as follows: You may wonder how I came into possession of that bat.

One of the earliest Louisville Slugger baseball bats in existence is at to Steven Keyman of Keyman Collectibles, who offers a free bat dating.

Since , USA Baseball has been the national governing body for the sport of baseball. It represents the sport in the United States as a member of the U. As a result, USA Baseball governs more than As the commissioner’s office for amateur baseball, USA Baseball is a resource center for its various membership group, fans, and players.

USA Baseball is also responsible for promoting and developing the game of baseball on the grassroots level, both nationally and internationally. Although the flag can be worn on either sleeve, USA Baseball traditionally wears the flag on the right sleeve, and, per military uniform regulation, the star field always faces forward. This gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the athlete moves forward.

For more information, please click here. A sanction from USA Baseball is required whenever an amateur athlete or team chooses to play baseball outside the country or when an international team is being hosted in the United States.